About Us

The Global Money Consultants Group was established in 1985 by a team of professional individuals with many years of combined experience in business consultancy, legal and financial services industries. Today, Global Money Consultants Group’s reputation for being a leading, successful and dynamic corporate consultancy firm precedes it. Employing directly and indirectly over 250 professionals, we boast a prominent market presence on all continents and endeavor to operate with honesty, integrity, and in the best interest of our clients.

Over the last 15 years, we have successfully exceeded the expectations of our clients through effective, confidential and affordable consultancy. We are dedicated to ensuring that all corporate, individual, investment and management goals are met in accordance with our business principles. We provide a broad spectrum of management consultancy to ensure our clients have access to a comprehensive range of expertise and solutions on an international scale.

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and which denote in full the width and length of our offered services to our clients, partners and friends.

In line with our expert knowledge in providing management consultancy across the globe, we present business management and formation solutions that assist our clients in achieving efficient administration, management and full optimization of their business entity. We are dedicated to consistently delivering the most advanced products and solutions available on the market, in a cost effective and efficient manner. We have drawn on our wealth of experience and global resources to create one of the largest tax knowledge databases worldwide, resulting in the creation of a highly sought after tool for all business clients and professional investors.

Global Money Consultants Group operates as an all encompassing consultative facility for our clients’ personal, corporate, planning goals. Our objective is to guide you every step of the way as satisfying the needs of our clients is instrumental to how we operate and maintain our internationally respected reputation for excellence.

Since its incorporation, Global Money Consultants Group has been and continues to be one of the global leaders in business and corporate consulting, delivering to people ‘Solutions that mean business’.

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