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Global Money Consultants Group Partners can promote and sell a range of Global Money Consultants Group bank account services to their clients. There are a range of associated bank account services available, in line with the traditional offshore account opening services offered by Global Money Consultants Group. These associated services include the acquisition of a Swiss bank account, ESCROW accounts and merchant accounts. Such accounts can be opened in most international locations worldwide. In addition, our partners can offer their clients Global Money Consultants Group management services for offshore bank accounts, to ensure an all round comprehensive solution.

Partners can provide the three basic bank account services: opening a personal account, opening a corporate account and opening an investment account internationally. These services are extremely popular among individuals and business entities who are seeking bank accounts in favorable international jurisdictions. Partners offering these Global Money Consultants Group corporate services can promote the fact that these services are available in 65 jurisdictions worldwide.

Partners are also able to promote bank account services using our specialized content packages, which are tailored around each service we offer.