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There are two main areas of business administration services that Global Money Consultants Group Partners can promote and sell to their clients on a global scale. These main areas include virtual office services and accounting & audit services for individuals and companies worldwide.

The virtual office services are available to all businesses, regardless of their size and geographical stretch. A virtual office will help companies reduce costs, improve efficiency and build credible image, as the virtual offices can be located in highly reputable destinations. Virtual offices can help companies to enhance their market presence and productivity globally. In addition to virtual office services, Global Money Consultants Group Partners can promote and sell, mail processing, telephone answering and call forwarding services in line with the acquired virtual office.

The accounting and audit services intend to help clients adopt the best practices to achieve maximum results and economical operations of their organization. Services associated with accounting and audits include; updating of company financial records, ensuring financial documents are compliant with regulatory standards, and that all necessary financial documents are filed and prepared correctly. Additional services include consultancy on the best accounting systems available, consultancy on preparing tax returns and best audit practices to adopt for organizational proficiency.

Partners can promote business administration services using our specialized content packages, which are tailored around each service we offer.