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An offshore company, also referred to as an International Business Corporation (IBC), can be defined as a company which has been established outside of its country of domicile. An offshore company will typically be formed in a favorable international jurisdiction which adopts a solid political, economic and financial framework, thus providing safety and security for offshore companies.

An offshore company can take advantage of a number of factors associated with offshore financial centers within favorable jurisdictions. Some of these advantages include low tax or tax free regimes, no capital gains tax, excellent asset protection, low business risks, heightened protection from creditor claims and lawsuits and bespoke trading conditions, as a result of double tax treaties.

Offshore companies also enjoy high levels of privacy and confidentiality in many popular international jurisdictions and is an increasingly sought after aspect for international companies. Company law tends to be more favorable for companies formed in international jurisdictions and as such, offshore companies are supported financially, economically and legally.