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There are a number of Global Money Consultants Group trust services which can be promoted and sold by Global Money Consultants Group Partners to their clients worldwide. Our trust services form part of our tax planning and asset protection services, which aim to help high net worth individuals and companies to manage their wealth in favorable jurisdictions worldwide.

There are a number of associated services available in line with trust services. These extend to forming an offshore foundation and acquiring confidential wealth management and asset protection advice and consultancy.

Partners promoting Global Money Consultants Group asset protection services can offer management consultancy on the most popular and favorable jurisdictions to manage your wealth in. In addition, they offer the setting up and management of an offshore trust or offshore foundation, and effective tax planning strategies and solutions. Furthermore, consultancy services can be provided with regards to the relevant trust laws in the selected jurisdictions chosen by clients, along with advice on the available type of trusts to be set up.

In general there are a number of different types of trusts which can be formed, from charitable and discretionary trusts to active, express and passive trusts. Furthermore, Global Money Consultants Group trust services extend to creating spendthrift trusts which are designed to become active only once the owner of the trust has passed away.

Partners are also able to promote trust services using our specialized content packages, which are tailored around each service available.