Resell Plan

Our Resell Plan will allow you to purchase corporate services and then sell them on to clients in a manner you prefer. We will sell our services to you at a discounted price, enabling you to resell the services – at the price you set – by corresponding with your clients using your preferred business approach. In this way you become our Partner without any kind of upfront money to us and with the minimal (if any) investment needed!

You will handle all of the communication with clients and simply provide us with the necessary details and documentation required to perform the services. All partners will facilitate communications with their clients, whereas Global Money Consultants Group will perform the services sought by the clients.  Global Money Consultants Group is obliged to provide the necessary support and communication tools enabling partners to develop good rapport and client relationships.

Global Money Consultants Group Partners have the ability to process orders and request Global Money Consultants Group corporate services via email or through the partners system.

Opening a case to request services via the partners system is simple. Partner support will be provided to those who require it.

In order to start the process and become our Partner we will be needing the following Due Diligence / Know Your Client from you:

– In case of an individual wishing to become our Partner we will need a certified copy of his passport, and for confirming his residential status copy of a recent utility of telephone bill, or a bank account / credit card statement.

– In case of a company wishing to become our Partner we will need copies of its Certificate of Incorporation; Memorandum & Articles of Association; list of current Directors, Shareholders, Secretary; plus, a Good Standing Certificate for a company older than 12 months. Also, for the Directors, Shareholders, Officers, Secretary we will need certified copies of their passports plus copies of utility bills, bank or credit card statements to determine their residential status (same as with individuals wishing to become our Partners).

The applicable Commission Schedule should be the following:

– Under 1,000.00 EUR – 10%
– From 1,000.00 EUR to 3,000.00 EUR – 7.5%
– From 3,000.00 EUR to 10,000.00 EUR – 6.5%
– Over 10,000.00 EUR – 5.5%

Note: On top of the above applicable Commission you are free to charge whatever you want (or alternatively “what the market might bear”) to your client.

Your Commission should be deducted upfront from the monies you send us for doing the operation for you / your client.

Plan Features
Check/choose from over 50+ services
No conflict of interest: Partners deal directly with their clients
Our firm sells services at a discounted price, enabling Partners to resell the services at a profit

  • FREE! Necessary support and communication on a 24-hours basis